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About Southern REAP

Our vision

Every person has the skills and confidence to reach their full potential.

Our mission

Making a difference in our rural communities . . .

Our story

Southern REAP was formed 24th of March 1982.
The Southern REAP network helps people in rural and provincial communities improve their lives and contribute to our society, whatever their stage of life. We maintain a strong focus on improving the lives of New Zealanders, evidencing a range of outcomes resulting from our collaborative work, including:

  • children participating and succeeding in learning where they had not been prior

  • educators improving the quality and responsiveness of their delivery to students

  • whānau engaging in the learning process for their children and themselves

  • adults attaining base qualifications and/or enrolling in further learning beyond non-formal

  • education and community partners collaborating to provide shared solutions and resources to benefit learners, and therefore communities.


Commitment to Te Tiriti o Waitangi is core to how REAPs approaches their work. Our Hauhake caucus provides national guidance on input from Māori about Māori in a partnership context of lifelong learning and educational success.

REAPs progress community development through quality lifelong education in rural Aotearoa. We are part of a unique system - no other country in the world provides a system like this to specifically support rural and provincial communities to fill gaps in lifelong learning. This means we understand:

  • the links between lifelong education and strong, resilient, progressive communities

  • rural communities require tailored provision to enable equitable access to learning

  • the strength of taking a community-led development approach that is founded on a human rights framework.


To achieve this, we:

  • work hard alongside our communities to identify local knowledge, strengths, needs, and aspirations

  • broker responsive, lifelong learning opportunities for individual, whanau, and community benefit

  • take a complementary and supplementary, and strength-based approach to community development.

REAPs have evidence-based research to show we use a social capital approach to our work – that networks, trust, social context, and brokerage are key to all we do. As lifelong education specialists, this means we improve skills for individuals in a way that shows a real impact on communities.

Our region

Southern REAP has a catchment that is certainly amongst the most exquisite and loveliest of areas as it includes Fiordland, Stewart Island, Queenstown, and numerous mountains, lakes, and the rivers from Glenorchy to Bluff. The Southern REAP area covers 36,074 square kilometres, constituting 16.45% of New Zealand's total land area and making it one of the largest REAP catchment areas in the country. 

Map of Southern REAP Offices.jpg
Our team

Our Team

Dawn Brocks

Kate McRae  

Malcolm Dunn

Jonelle McDowall

Tracey McMaster 

Maree Day

Naomi Cooper

Tash Newell

Megs Mitchell 

Shirley Pratt

Robyn Irwin

Amanda Harvey

Melissa McKenzie

Nicky Patrick

Kim Hamilton


Jody Forbes

Mark McCann

Wanaka Isaacs

Fiona Sioan

- Chief Executive Officer

- Schools and Early Childhood Manager

- Alternative Education Manager and Attendance Service Manager

- Adult and Community Education Manager, Drive My Life Manager, and Eastern Southland ACE


Finance Manager and Administration Support

- Central/Western/Whakatipu ECE Coordinator

- Eastern/Northern/Whakatipu ECE Coordinator

Administration Support and ECE/Schools Support

- Swim Safe Programme and Central Southland ACE Liaison

Central Southland & Western GATE Coordinator and NCEA4U/Apprenticeship Literacy Coordinator

Eastern Southland GATE Co-ordinator​

Advertising/Marketing/Graphics/Social Media, Website Support, and Administration Support

Advertising/Marketing/Graphics/Social Media, Website Support, and Administration Support

- Quality Assurance/Health & Safety & Compliance Support, Administration Support, IT Support, and

   CEO Support

Whakatipu ACE Liaison

Attendance Service Advisor Eastern Southland

- Attendance Service Advisor Northern/Western/Central Southland

Attendance Service Officer Central and Northern Southland

Alternative Education Lead Tutor

- Alternative Education Support Tutor

Drive My Life Staff

Sheree Johnstone

Colleen Parkhill-Burke  

Lynley McKay

Leigh Simonsen

Louise Ward

Carolyn McLean

Rachael Poole

Janet Pickett

Paul Burke

Daryl Stephen

Dan O'Connell

Nikki Shields

Julian Weshaa

- DML Eastern Southland

- DML Invercargill Southland

- DML Central/Western Southland

- DML Fiordland/Northern Southland

- DML Whakatipu

- DML Administration Support Invercargill

- DML Administration Support Invercargill

- DML Support Eastern Southland

- DML Support Invercargill

- DML I-Endorsed Driving Support

- DML I-Endorsed Driving Support

- DML I-Endorsed Driving Support

- DML Refugees-Interpreter Support

Our Board

Our Board

Glenys Dickson

Malcolm Jones

Susan Dennison

Noel Beggs

Kelvin Templeton

Karen Menlove

- Chairperson

- Vice Chair

- Board Member

- Board Member

- Board Member

- Board Member

Strategic Plan

Our 2024 - 2026 Strategic Plan details Southern REAP's strategic priorities, expected outcomes, plans for how we will achieve those outcomes, and indicators of success. 

Strategic Plan
REAP centres of Aotearoa Map_cropped.png

Other REAP Centres

There are 12 other REAP centres around Aotearoa. All REAPs specialise in core work across adult and community education, early childhood education, schooling, and parenting.

View other centres here.

Other REAPs
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